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At BubblesDesigns, we focus on quality as our highest priority to gain customer satisfaction and trust, and to have lasting relationships with customers.We never fail to exceed the customer’s expectations!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the company ensure us security?

Our company knows that security is a critical factor in any organization, and thus we take this issue with utmost concern. To ensure your privacy, our company uses the latest technology that involve high level encryption mechanisms. The encryption is used in every transaction that our customers performing, including ensuring that the details of our customers are protected with the highest privacy. With this, it is hard to receive phishing attacks in your mail box as your details will not be accessed by other unauthorized parties. Our mails have signatures and are sent on purpose, such as notifying our customers of new products, and new discounts. Thus, the issue of spams will not be an option.

2. What is the advantage of choosing car decals over car magnets?

Problems associated with vehicle signage are addressed by Decals. For instance if one has a business, they can easily advertise on their vehicles, especially where the customers has more vehicles. Another importance use of decals is that ones they are applied to your car, they do not get worn out easily and thus, they are put there semi-permanently. Magnets are put just for temporality, whereby they can be removed and applied again constantly.

3. How easy is it to install decals, especially when they are large?

Decals are convenient and it easy to install them, where the process takes very little time. All that is required is to follow the installation process that is explained in a concise manner. In case of large decal, it may require assistance of two or three people to ensure that it is installed appropriately. Support from another person also ensures the decal’s sides do not come into contact with each other when sticking them, in order to avoid wearing off.

4. Can users experience difficulties while removing decals?

Decals are easy to remove as it is easy to install them. They are simply removed by peeling them off from the vehicle. One can use simple tools such as a razor blade and soapy water in cases where adhesive materials are left on the car’s surface such as the glass pane. For surfaces that are painted, one needs to be careful to ensure decal doesn’t peel off the paint tool

5. Can the decal be affected during car wash?

It is always advisable not to wash the car several days after applying decal. The grace period is given to enable the adhesiveness to stabilize, and once this is over, no need to worry while washing the car. In cases of pressure wash, the can harm the decal, but to prevent damage, ensure that the nozzle is not too close to the decal, and maintain a distance of about two feet. Always take note of the local car washers and ensure they follow ultimate precaution on the decal while washing, especially I they are using pressure washers

6. Is it ok to wax the car?

Waxing can be done but it is important to use hand instead of electrical gadgets such as power waxer. Also, it is recommended to apply wax after the decals have been installed. This is done to maintain the adhesiveness of the decals.

7. Is it advisable to use decals on a vehicle that has just been painted?

No. it is advisable to wait for about two months for the paint to dry fully.

8. Are the colors found in the website accurate?

There may be a little difference in the way the colors are displayed on the screen as compared to the reality. This is because appearances are affected by the screen brightness, and contrast setting in your computer. However, what is seen on the website is accurate and we ensure customer satisfaction

9. Are the decals affected by weather?

Since the decals are designed to be used on the outer surface of the vehicle, they are thus able to adapt to the different weather conditions. With this therefore the original application of the décor will be maintained.

10. Are the decals shipped to the US?

US is one of the largest markets for the decal, where they are constantly ordered and shipped on time. However, the mode of shipping and delivery depends on the agreed terms. For insurance there is standard delivery that is done within 7 to 10 days. There is also expedited delivery that takes about two days to arrive to the owner.

11. Is the shipment of decals done made to Australia?

There is also a large market I Australia, whereby the delivery is also either on expedited or on standard basis, that takes 7-10 days respectively.

12. How about the shipment in the UK?

The expedited and the standard deliveries are done, where they take 7-10 days respectively after the dispatch.

13. Do you serve all the countries in the European market?

Yes. Deliveries can be made in any country in Europe. After shipping to the port, the rest is done on transit trucks in the interior countries.

14. Is it possible for one to change the address for the deliver after placing an order?

It would be impossible to do so if already the customers have received a confirmation mail. In case the customers have not yet received a confirmation mail, the can send the order number to via the support mail, where they need to include their new address and the dispatch will be made on the new address.

15. What market do you serve in the world?

Currently we serve each part of the world, where we make shipment of our products all over the world. From the website, one only needs to choose their preferred destination where they want shipment to be done, pay the charges and then wait for the delivery. The deliveries are processed faster and dispatched to the customers especially in the US and the European markets. However, it is the responsibility for the customer to check into the customs on whether the deliveries have been made after the agreed days.