Privacy Policy


The policy has been developed to ensure high quality customer service and satisfaction. With this there is also a provision of Personally Identifiable information (PII).That ensures online security is maintained and that the customers’ information is kept at highest privacy possible. For the customers, they should keenly read the privacy policy below, that entails the way our company collect, store, retrieve and for what purposes the personal information is used, especially those accessing the company through our online platform.


1. What type of personal information do you collect when customers visit you online platform?

In order to get the services, customers are required to first register in the site. They must provide their personal details that include their full names, email address, phone number, physical address and credit card information. These details help to ensure the transaction and service delivery are made to the right person.

2. At what instances do you collect information regarding your customers?

The information is collected during registration and when the customers’ orders our goods. Also, there is a newsletter that customers subscribe, where they enter their details as loyal customers.

3. After collecting the information, how do you intend to use it?

Customer information is important to our business, whereby we can contact the customer to respond on how they perceive the services in order to improve the service delivery. The information is also used to send the customers emails and notifications on the availability of new products and services. Also, when we have details of customers, it helps in quickening the transaction processing

4. How the visitor’s information is protected?

Information for customers is ensured and secured, especially for online customers. This is done by ensuring information is protected from hackers and malicious programs. This is done by performing regular virus and malware scanning. Also, the network used is secured with strong firewalls and access control is ensured, such that only authorized personnel can manage the database and allowed to perform changes. Also, during transmission orders, the customers are ensured of confidentiality and privacy of their information.