Perforated Window Vinyl: Installation


  • Mild soap and water
  •  Industrial-type, lint-free paper towels or clean, residue-free cloths
  • Plastic squeegee (felt-edge squeegee recommended)
  • Razor knife with new, sharp blade
  • Tape measure
  •  Marking pen
  •  Isopropyl alcohol (85%) – optional
  • Low-tack masking tape (1” to 2” wide) – optional
  • Straight edge – optional
  • Edge sealer – optional


  • Perforated films require a dry application method; do not use water or application fluids to apply the film.
  •  Make sure the glass surface is clean, dry and residue-free immediately prior to installation. Wash with mild    soap and water, then dry the glass. Do NOT use solvent-based window cleaners, such as Windex®. If there    is oily residue on the glass, use 85% isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Allow the alcohol to evaporate completely    before attaching the film.
  • Install the graphics within the recommended application temperature range — approximately 40° F (5° C)    to 90° F (32° C).
  • In cold weather, apply film in late afternoon, after windows have warmed up, or, in the case of a vehicle, in a    garage or other enclosed area (with the vehicle engine turned off). Applying film to glass that is too cold may    adversely affect the film’s adhesion.
  • In hot weather, apply film in early morning, while glass is still cool. Applying film to glass that is too hot can    cause the film to stretch during installation.
  •  Perforated window films are designed to be installed on glass surfaces that are flat or have simple curves.